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TD 100CE: Changing how hospitals disinfect TOE probes

The TD 100CE automated TOE probe disinfector is designed to provide high-level disinfection of transesophageal (TOE) ultrasound probes. The TD 100CE disinfects each TOE probe with TD 8® disinfectant and provides printed verification upon completion of a successful disinfection cycle. Microprocessor-controlled, the TD 100CE is simple to use for any health care professional reprocessing a used TOE ultrasound probe.

TD 100CE Suit
TD 100CE Suit


  • 5-minute high-level disinfection
  • 5 individual rinse cycles after disinfection cycle are complete
  • Built-in advanced vapour management system captures and neutralizes disinfectant fumes
  • Microprocessor-controlled for ease of use by medical personnel
  • Repeatable, verified disinfection cycle
  • A printed record of successful disinfection cycle
  • Single-use TD8 high-level disinfectant
  • Full diagnostic check of each disinfection cycle
  • No MRC testing necessary for high-level disinfectant
  • TGA ARTG# 319542


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